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In 2010 and 2011 the Villa was re-opened as part of A Town Unearthed: Folkestone Before AD 1500, a community archaeology project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As well as re-excavating the northern part of the Villa, this work revealed  that unexpectedly complex and well preserved Iron Age structures and deposits underlie the Villa. 


​The area opened up included the previously unexcavated courtyard directly in front of Block A and rooms 50-53. The excavation confirmed the presence of earlier Iron Age features underneath the Villa and courtyard. These included ditches and intact chalk floor surfaces. 


The courtyard contained an enormous amount of roof tile, some bearing the stamp of the Classis Britannica​, the naval fleet based in the Channel. Thought to have slipped off the roof when the Villa lay derelict, the tile covered the courtyard space under which coins, jewellery, and other finds were recovered.   

​​The project attracted a lot of local and national attention. It featured on Alice Robert's 'Digging for Britain' TV series and won the Current Archaeology Magazine award “Rescue Dig of the Year”. Our thanks go out to all of the partners and volunteers who took part in the project. 


A publication was produced and can be purchased from Oxbow Books. You will also find further information in the Interim Report and by visiting the A Town Unearthed website.

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